Defending and Promoting the GOSPEL of LIFE!

Lunes, Abril 2, 2012


Some students of a public high school here in our town took their position against SEX EDUCATION that was part of the controversial REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL! Their statement was short but it makes sense at all.

"The YOUTH is the HOPE of our MOTHERLAND" Dr Jose P. Rizal (Philippine National Hero)

WE STRONGLY OPPOSE SEX EDUCATION for the following reasons:

1.)    It will lead the youth to sexual liberation. It will pollute the minds of young people like us, because it secretly promotes that having SEX outside MARRIAGE is not wrong and that it is not bad to use contraceptives to prevent UNWANTED PREGNANCIES.
SEXUAL LIBERATION will make the youth aggressive on things like SEX. It will lead the young people to perform IMMORAL ACTS like PRE-MARITAL SEX . It also contradicts the idea that we should be 100% pure before MARRIAGE and that we must be LOYAL to our MARRIAGE VOWS and SPOUSES. SEX EDUCATION will promote the use of CONTRACEPTIVES which can cause cancer, therefore, it is unhealthy to use. Due to SEXUAL LIBERATION the youth are  urged to use these, making themselves prone to cancer.

2.)    SEX EDUCATION is BIRTH CONTROL or POPULATION CONTROL for there is CONTRACEPTIVE IMPERIALISM .  The FUTURE GENERATIONS, will be affected the most if there will be a POPULATION COLLAPSE or DEMOGRAPHIC WINTERING. Having a POPULATION COLLAPSE will result to having an AGING POPULATION. We also believe that the PEOPLE itself is the nation’s WEALTH. More people, more manpower. Laziness, corruption, irresponsibility and illiteracy are some reasons why people are still suffering from poverty. RH BILL and SEX EDUCATION is not the SOLUTION. 

3.)    SEX EDUCATION is removing the rights of the parents to respond to their children in MORAL aspects. We the youth, will also be parents sooner or later and in the future, we want our children to grow in LOVE and GUIDANCE of parents as we teach them how to respect LIFE. Therefore, SEX EDUCATION weakens the foundations of a FAMILY and furthermore leading to unwanted results.

 It was so inspiring to see that our YOUNG GENERATIONS are taking their grounds to OPPOSE the EVIL FORCES of our time. It is NOW time for the Filipino nation to take care of it's FUTURE GENERATIONS by providing QUALITY EDUCATION, TONS of BOOKS, QUALIFIED and GOOD TEACHERS, and STRONG FOUNDATION of MORAL VALUES.

Miyerkules, Pebrero 29, 2012


The Arma Christi and the Shroud of Turin

Last Tuesday (February 28, 2012)  I went to Catanauan, Quezon a first-class municipality in Bondoc Peninsula in Quezon Province. The relics of “Arma Christi” or the instruments of Birth, Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Holy Shroud of Turin were brought there from the Rome. It was a long and tiring journey to get there, you are to pass through several towns in Bondoc Peninsula and you are to take roads under construction. Amidst the heat and hours of travel I finally reached the town and walked to the Parish of Immaculate Concepcion. I saw some students outside the Church, and when I approached the entrance of  there are many people, pilgrims, teachers and students alike and natives of the town. I saw on the right side facing the altar the “Arma Christi” carrying the relics of our Lord Jesus Christ and on the right side of the altar hanged the Shroud of Turin.
The Arma Christi and the Holy Shroud of Turin on the right side of the Church. 

 The Arma Christi looks like the Ark of the Covenant which bears the presence of God and I know in myself that like the Ark of the Covenant the “Arma Christi” too bears the presence of the Almighty. The Holy Eucharist was almost finished when I came inside the Church. It was hard to get inside because it was so hot and the Church was over crowded. I saw the Bishop and the Priest venerating the relics.

The Arma Christi looks like the Ark of the Covenant

The Bishop venerates the Arma Christi and the Shroud.

It took me a while to find my companion Mr. Renmiel Tristan P. Asilo a high school student who was aspiring for priesthood. I went to the right side of the Church and alas! I found him. He reserved me a place in the line. After few minutes of waiting, it is now my turn to kiss and venerate the Arma Christi. I made a sign of the cross and let my handkerchief touch the reliquary with it’s relics.

The Arma Christi holding the relics of the Birth, Passion and Death of Christ
People fall in line and waiting for their turn to wipe their handkerchiefs, rosaries and religious articles on the relics.
Nearer view of the Arma Christi
Then I went to the controversial Shroud of Turin. I kissed it for almost two times and made a genuflected to honor it. When you capture the Shroud of Turin in it’s normal form you will see the normal figure white old linen with markings on it but when you capture it with the negative you will see the image clearly.

The Holy Shroud of Turin - bearing the image of Jesus.
The Shroud in it's Natural Sepia Color.
The  Holy Shroud of Turin in negative.
The Holy Shroud bearing the Face of Jesus in negative.
 There’s an unusual feeling when the instruments of the passion of Christ and the Shroud were in front of you it seems that your conscience is waking you up for being a sinful man. After the veneration we ate lunch and go back home.

Young students showing their veneration by wiping their handkerchief on the Shroud.
Here is the list of the Relics of our Lord that you will find in Arma Christi:

The "Arma Christi"
1. Ex Arundine (from the Reed that Struck Our Lord)
2. Ex Clavi D. (from the Nail the Pierced Our Lord)
3. Ex Columna Flag (from the Column of Flagellation)
4. Ex Cunis (From the Crib)
5. Ex Fasciis (from the Bandages)
6. Ex Foeno Pref (?)
7. Ex Fune D (from the Rope that tied Our Lord)
8. Ex Praesepe (from the Manger)
9. Ex Spine D. (from the Crown of Thorns)
10. Ex Spongia D. (from the Sponge used during Crucifixion)
11. Ex Vest. Incons. (from the Seamless Robe)
12. Ex Vest. Purp. (from the Purple Cloak)
13. Relic of the True Cross

Aside from the Arma Christi and the Holy Shroud of Turin there are also relics of 72 more saints:

14. St. Andrew
15. St. Bartholomew
16. St. James the Great
17. St. James the Less
18. St. John Apostle
19. St. Jude Thaddeus
20. St. Matthew
21. St. Paul
22. St. Peter
23. St. Philip the Apostle
24. St. Simon the Zealot
25. St. Thomas Apostle

26. St. Anthony the Abbot
27. St. Benedict of Nursia, Abbot
28. St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Abbot
29. St. Romuald Abbot

RELICS of BISHOPS (Confessors , Martyrs & Doctors of the Church)
30. St. Ambrose
31. St. Augustine Bishop and Doctor
32. St. Basil Bishop and Doctor
33. St. Blaise, Bishop and Martyr
34. St. Bonaventure
35. St. Charles Borromeo
36. St. Cyriacus Bishop & Martyr
37. St. Emigdii Bishop & Martyr
38. St. Francis Sales
39. St. Liborii Bishop
40. St. Luis Bishop
41. St. Nicolas Bishop
42. St. Paulinus of Nola

43. St. Lawrence Martyr
44. St. Peter Martyr
45. St. Sebastian Martyr
46. St. Stephen Martyr
47. St. Venantius Martyr
48. St. Vitus Martyr

RELICS of PRIESTS (Martyrs, Confessors & Doctors of the Church)
49. St. Bernardine of Siena
50. St. Cajetan Thiene
51. St. Didaci (San Diego)
52. St. Dominic de Guzman
53. St. Francis Soler
54. St. Francis Xavier
55. St. Ignatius Loyola
56. St. Jerome
57. St. John the Cross
58. St. Joseph Calasanz
59. St. Leonard of Port Maurice
60. St. Paschal Baylon
61. St. Peter Nolasco
62. St. Philip Neri
63. St. Thomas Aquinas

64. St. Aloysius Gonzaga
65. St. Isidore the Farmer
66. St. John of God
67. St. Louis IX
68. St. Roch of Montpellier

RELICS of POPES (Martyrs, Confessors & Doctors of the Church)
69. St. Pius V Pope
70. St. Silvester Pope
71. St.Gregory the Great
And lastly St. Philomena …

It was a wonderful experience to saw the RELICS of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and the  RELICS of those SAINTS! It was a great event in my LIFE an event that money cannot buy. It is a great privileged to touch the relics and to pray in front of it.

[For protestants out there, we are not adoring these relics we are only venerating them. They are very important to us because they belong to  the HEROES of our FAITH
As what was said in the Sacred Scriptures:
“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” –Hebrew 12:1-
They are with the Lord witnessing our deeds both good and bad.
We are praying to them because it was stated that:
“The prayer of a RIGHTEOUS PERSON is powerful and effective.” James 5:16 ]

It's not bad to venerate these things which belong to the HOLY PEOPLE and to our LORD, instead they leave us challenges in our daily life, that we must immitate on the sufferings, passion, death and resurrection of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and that we must persevere to become SAINTS to become HOLY , to LIVE in HOLINESS and to LIVE our LIVES to the FULLEST.

Huwebes, Pebrero 23, 2012

Anu ang dapat mong malaman tungkol sa Oral Contraceptive Pills?

Napakadaming pagtatalo at debate ang naganap ukol sa bagay na ito. Marami ang nakaaalam na ang "pildoras" o "pills" ay "abortifacient" o "nakakapagpalaglag". Subalit ang nakakalungkot ay may ilan din namang tumatanggi sa katotohanang ito at nagsasabing ang buhay ay nagsisimula sa "implantation" sa halip na sa "fertilization" upang suportahan ang kanilang paggamit at pag eendorso ng  mga Oral Contraceptive Pills.

Kung ating susundin ang katotohanang ating pinag-aralan na ang "buhay" ng tao ay nagsisimula sa "fertilization" o pagtatagpo ng sperm cell ng lalaki at ng egg cell ng babae, mangangahulugan lamang na ang paggamit ng pills ay isang krimen.

Narito ang isang interview tungkol sa "pills".

Interview kay Bro. Isahel Alfonso, Chairman of Pro-Life Apologetics ng Catholic Faith Defenders na isinagawa ng mga mag-aaral ng University of Southeastern Philippines.

Lunes, Pebrero 13, 2012

PHILIPPINES: A land flowing with MILK and HONEY!

“So I have come down to rescue them and to bring them up out of that land into a GOOD and SPACIOUS LAND, a LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY” Exodus 3:8

So what does this verse tells us?
Before answering this question let us take a look at our environment:
What can you see? What can you hear, feel, or smell?

Trees with fruits, colorful and scented flowers, birds singing and hovering everywhere, different species of butterflies, cold breeze from the green mountain and many more. We can sense different entities in our environment as many as we can, depending on the way we sense those entities.

A scenic view in the Philippines
When we were sad, depressed, exhausted and tired about all the problems and worries of our lives, we have the tendency to look on “nature” to unwind ourselves. Later we will be surprised when we find ourselves in front of a beach resort, travelling in any place in the country, or enjoying the environment. After this encounter with “nature” our mind and body is relaxed and we will find ourselves amazed by the beauty and grandeur of these BEAUTIFUL SCENERIES of NATURE.

We all know that Earth is a living planet full of LIFE, full of BEAUTY, MAJESTY and GRANDEUR, and full of BLESSINGS from GOD. The Philippines is one of the places here on Earth where lots of natural resources and beautiful sceneries can be found. It is an archipelago composed of 7,107 islands, and it is surrounded by different bodies of water: Philippine Sea in the North east, South China Sea in the West, Sulu Sea in Southwest and Celebes Sea in the South. Aside from seas and ocean bordering the Philippines, it has also waterfalls, rivers, streams and lakes scattered all over the country supplying it with fishery resources. The Philippines is also rich in “Flora” and “Fauna” species. Vulnerable animal species are found in the Philippines like:

Palawan flying fox
Streaked Reed-warbler
Blue capped kingfisher
Banded Eagle ray
Silvery kingfisher
Mindanao pygmy fruit bat
Palawan Hornbill
Mindoro climbing rat
Asian small clawed otter
Large Mindoro Forest rat
Long-nosed Luzon Forest rat
Mt. Isarog shrew mouse
Philippine Flat-headed frog
Humphead Parrotfish
Philippine Eagle-owl
Camiguin Forest rat
Oceanic white tip shark
Great white shark
Whale Shark (Butanding)
Philippine deer

Philippine spotted deer a vulnerable fauna species in our country.
Some endangered animal species can also be found in the Philippines like: Green turtle, Mindoro tree frog, Philippine mouse deer and the Philippine Tarsier.

The Philippine Tarsier is an endangered animal in the Philippines. 
And some critically endangered animal species are also present like:

Kalaw (Rufous headed hornbill)
Philippine crocodile
Pawikan (Hawksbill sea turtle)
Philippine Eagle

Philippine Eagle a critically endangered animal in our country.
Aside from being rich with “Flora” and “Fauna” species, the country was also blessed by different beautiful and scenic spots and landscapes that serve as tourist attractions. These landscapes and beautiful sceneries are scattered throughout the 3 major Islands of the country namely: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Some of these sceneries are:

Banaue Rice Terraces, Baguio City (Summer Capital), Hundred Islands, Pagsanjan Falls, Maria Christina Waterfalls, Salinas Salt Spring, Tiwi Hot Spring, Mt. Apo, Mt. Arayat, Mt. Banahaw, Mayon Volcano, Taal Volcano, Bat Caves, Chocolate Hills, Boracay Island, Tubbataha Reef in Palawan, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River and many more. The Philippines is really a blessed country, it has also lots of festivities and religious celebration, rich culture and tradition.

Hundred Islands a beautiful place in the Philippines.
Scenic view of the Mayon Volcano, one of the Philippines pride.

Subterranean river in Palawan, a treasure of the Philippine Archipelago
Bodies of water in the Philippines provide the Filipino people with fishery resources and hydroelectric power. Flora and Faunas in the Philippines is a solid proof that our land is fertile enough to support our needs as a nation. Filipinos are known as hardworking people that is why when our fertile lands where cultivated the fruits of labor were reaped. Our country has its supply of Sugar, Corn, Rice, Abaca, Coconut and other crops from our own land. Our country has also natural resources like gold and other minerals. It was also blessed with an asset, the population of the hardworking Filipinos, the labor force of the Philippines.

A beach in the Philippines facing the Pacific our source of fishery and marine resources

Sadly, our country’s natural resources were at stake. Flora and Fauna species were endangered and vulnerable because of the destruction of their habitat some people kill those endangered animals. Illegal loggings, cutting the trees and clearing the forests resulting in soil erosion and flash floods that kill many lives and destruct billions of properties. Other people are throwing garbage in rivers and in seas polluting the water and  killing our marine resources. Mining in Palawan is also a threat to our nature it kills our forest and putting the wildlife into destruction. There are many assaults done to our nature. Now is the time to save our NATURE and NATION!

We must not wait for our government to act before we act. We can start it now and we can help save the environment and our country by means of our little way!

You can help by means of the following:

1. Throw your garbage in the proper place, do not litter in both public and private places. Do not throw your garbage in the river.
2. Practice segregation, separate biodegradable from non-biodegradable wastes.
3. Biodegradable wastes can be used as fertilizer while non-biodegradable can be recycled.
4. Proper human wastes disposal.
5. Clean your surroundings.
6. Plant trees, participate in tree planting activities in your local area as possible.
7. Clean the shore lines plant “Bakawan” or “Pipisik” trees near the sea that will serve as marine sanctuary.
8. Sign the “No to Mining in Palawan” petition.
9. Be vocal in Environmental Campaigns.
10. Educate your neighbors of what you have learned about the importance of our Environment and Natural Resources and how we can protect them.
11. Participate in activities that will promote protection of our wildlife and nature. 

God gave us this land and natural resources and made us stewards of his creation ,but that does not mean that we must be cruel in our environment. It does not mean that we must use it without consideration and use it for our own pleasure even reaching to the point of its destruction, but rather it means that we as stewards of his creation, must use it with responsibility with LOVE and  CARE. God liberates us from emptiness into a  rich land and full of blessings. Truly, our country is a rich nation A LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY!

Huwebes, Pebrero 2, 2012

CHOOSE LIFE, YOUR MOM DID! (A closer look inside the WOMB)

Have you ever wonder what happens inside your mother’s womb, when your mother chose LIFE? 

Well here’s a brief discussion how a baby was formed inside the womb, the different stages and their developments. 

When sperms were deposited inside the vagina it travels through the cervix up to the Fallopian tubes where the egg was waiting to be fertilized. (Note: The egg or oocyte can be found in one of the Fallopian tubes or both).
The human sperm cell. Sperm is needed to fertilize the egg of a woman.

The human egg cell, the cell  that will be fertilized by the sperm.

Then if the sperm reaches one of the Fallopian tubes what happens next?

The sperm then approaches the egg (oocyte) of your mother. The acrosomal enzymes of the sperm digest the jelly coat of the egg. After that, proteins on the sperm head bind to the receptors then the plasma membranes of the sperm and egg fuse and the sperm’s nucleus enters the egg cytoplasm. Then finally a Fertilization membrane is formed. This is the process known as FERTILIZATION, the moment when LIFE begins. (Note: SEE previous topic; WHEN DOES HUMAN LIFE BEGINS?)

FERTILIZATION. The process by which the egg and the sperm unites.
After FERTILIZATION, the resulting cell is called ZYGOTE.
ZYGOTE is the earliest developmental stage of the EMBRYO (as stated above, the ZYGOTE comes from the union of two gamete cells : the sperm and the egg to form a diploid cell). According to medical books it is the first stage of the unique organism’s development (Essentials of Human Embryology (pp. 1-17) Larsen, W.J. 1998. Churchill Livingstone, New York) . At this time the ZYGOTE already contains the genetic information or DNA that suggests that it is a NEW human being. However, half of the genetic information comes from the mother’s egg and half from the father’s sperm.

After FERTILIZATION follows the first cleavage division.

2 Cell Division
4 Cell Division

Early Morula
Late Morula

After lots of divisions (from First cleavage division up to late Morula) BLASTOCYST is formed.
BLASTOCYST is the stage when the ZYGOTE after many divisions create an inner group of cells with an outer shell. The inner group of cells becomes the EMBRYO while the outer shell becomes the membrane that protects and nourishes the EMBRYO. The BLASTOCYST reaches the UTERUS around the day 5 after CONCEPTION. The BLASTOCYST sticks tightly to the lining of the uterus , where it receives nourishment through the mother's bloodstream. Then it is now called the EMBRYO.
The Blastocyst implanted in the Uterine wall.
Cells of the EMBRYO starts to multiply and begin to take on different functions this process is known as DIFFERENTIATION. This process leads to the development of various cell types that make up a HUMAN such as liver cells, kidney cells etc.  
There are developments and changes that occurs in the EMBRYO week by week this stage is called the GESTATION. 
Four weeks after FERTILIZATION
 Placenta forms to provide the EMBRYO with nourishment. The embryo's heart begins beating with its own blood, sometimes a different type than their parent. The spine, nervous system, and internal organs begin to form. Small balls of cells that will grow into the baby's muscles and bones appear. At 4 weeks, sensory cells begin to form eyes, ears and nose, and arms start to bud out.
During 5-7 weeks of PREGNANCY
All major organs have begun to form. The eyes have a retina and lens. Hair follicles, knees and elbows appear. A brain wave is detectable (can be detected through EEG). The muscular system is working. Fingers are visible on the hands.

5 weeks
The brain, spinal cord, and heart begin to develop.
The gastrointestinal tract begins to develop.
Arm and leg buds become visible.
The brain develops into five areas and some cranial nerves are visible.
The eyes and ear begin to form.
Tissue forms that develops into the vertebra and some other bones.
The heart continues to develop and now beats at a regular rhythm.
Rudimentary blood moves through the main vessels.
8 weeks
The arms and legs have grown longer, and foot and hand areas can be distinguished.
The hands and feet have fingers and toes (digits), but in some cases may still be webbed.
The brain continues to develop and the lungs begin to form.

9 weeks
Nipples and hair follicles form.
Elbows and toes are visible.
All essential organs have begun to form.

The eyelids are more developed.
External features of the ear begin to take their shape.
Facial features continue to develop.

10th week of pregnancy marks the end of EMBRYONIC PERIOD and marks the beginning of FETAL PERIOD.
WEEK 11 – 14 of PREGNANCY:
Eyelids close and will not reopen until about the 28th week.
The face is well formed.Limbs are long and thin.
Genitals appear well differentiated.
Red blood cells are produced in the liver.
The head makes up nearly half of the baby's size.
The baby can make a fist with its fingers.
Tooth buds appear for the baby's  teeth.
MONTH 4 (WEEK 13 to 14)
From week 13-16 the fetus will grow from about 3 inches to 6 inches long. Muscles are getting longer and bones are hardening.
Eyebrows and eyelashes develop. By now the baby can hear his/her mother's voice and other sounds, and can FEEL PAIN.
You can usually feel the baby's movements as he/she grows bigger and stronger. By the end of week 16, his/her heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood per day.

MONTH 5 (WEEK 17-20):
5 months
 By week 17, the baby can dream. By week 20 he/she is recognizing his/her mother's voice. A fine hair called “lanugo” covers his/her body. Sex organs become more obvious.
6 months
The baby's skin turns from almost transparent to opaque. Oil and sweat glands develop, and “vernix” a waxy substance protects the skin.
Brain matures and reflexes develop, including the reflex to startle at sudden loud noises.
The Baby practices breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid.
By the end of the sixth month, the baby weighs around two pounds and can be up to 12 inches long.

7 months
8 months
The baby is in it's full term.
9 months
The baby's brain develops quickly during this period. The skin thickens, and develops a layer of subcutaneous "baby fat" that serves as the Baby's insulation and storage for nourishment. The baby can open and close his or her eyelids. Just before birth the baby's heart pumps 300 quarts of blood every day.During the last few weeks before birth, the average baby reaches 7 to 8 pounds and a length of 14 to 20 inches.
After NINE MONTHS of WAITING, your Mom was HAPPY to see you ALIVE!  She was happy because she received a gift that NO ONE can give her except GOD the AUTHOR of LIFE! 
So now you see what happened inside the womb of your mother when she was pregnant with you! Sadly many people today are ignoring this WONDERFUL GIFT. They ignore this "SACRED" gift by means of  endless ABORTION. Every ABORTION is unjust! Every ABORTION kills an innocent LIFE! Every ABORTION is contrary to GOD'S WILL! Because the GIFT OF LIFE as early as CONCEPTION reveals the WORKING HANDS OF GOD.


Essentials of Human Embryology (pp. 1-17) Larsen, W.J. 1998. Churchill Livingstone, New York
Bakit Dapat nating Tutulan ang RH Bill Powerpoint Presentation)